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Re: [opensuse-translation] How to "test" translations of the package "branch"
  • From: Guillaume Gardet <guillaume.gardet@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 09 Mar 2008 12:39:43 +0100
  • Message-id: <47D3CC7F.7020300@xxxxxxx>
He was talking about the packages descriptions from

Maybe Karl could help us !



Carlos E. R. a écrit :

The Saturday 2008-03-08 at 14:55 -0500, Benoit Verduyn wrote:

> I've done a few translations in French mainly for YaST components.
> I now work on the package branch. It's really a huge work and I don't
> know how to check if my translations are fine.
> I've installed OpenSuse 11 Alpha 2 in French with Virtual Box. RPMs
> descriptions are still in english (even those who have been commited in
> svn by team coordinator).

For Yast you can make your own rpm of the translation only. It's package "yast2-trans-es" (your language code instead of "es", obviously), and you can create a newer version running "checkinstall" giving a newer version; I did (for 10.3) like this:

sudo /usr/sbin/checkinstall --arch=noarch \
--pkggroup=Compilaciones/translations \
--pkgname=yast2-trans-es \
--pkgversion=2.15.6 --pkgrelease=900

Of course, before this (which creates an rpm running "make install") in the yast/{LANG} directory you have to run "make". And before that, make update-po. My notes say:

yast install yast2-devtools.rpm
cd {LANG}
make -f Makefile.cvs
cd po
make update-po

You need to have downloaded the 50-etc 50-html 50-pot and 50-memory directories for all this to work.

The lcn branch is more difficult, there is no single rpm you can make with all translations, I understand. I didn't make it.

However, you'd still need the update-po:

autoreconf --force --install
cd {LANG}
make -f Makefile.svn
make update-po

I wonder what a "make install" would install in this branch :-?

> It would be helpful because it's sometimes difficult to understand to
> which package a message belongs to. So I don't have the context to do a
> better translation.

True. More so for the lcn branch.

Ah, there is a very large file, update-desktop-files.{LANG}.po, that grows almost by the day. I think this one contains descriptions. I "hate" it.

Some teams only translate part of this file: those messages used by Yast. Just search for the word "yast" in the comments part.

As for the huge task... I assume that Canadian French is different than, what do you call it, European French? And assuming the European French branch is more complete, I suppose you could start copying the French translations over the French Canadian branch, then review and modify whatever is different for you. Still, a daunting task.

Another method, preferable, is to train (*) your kbabel on the French branch, then tell it to do a rough (fuzzy) translations of the Canadian files. Only untranslated messages would be rough translated, and left fuzzy for you to review.

(*) If you don't know how to train kbabel, I'll explain. Or read it in the Spanish wiki, I wrote it there ;-p

-- Cheers,
Carlos E. R.

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