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Re: [opensuse-translation] Call for Translations
Den Friday 27 July 2007 18:33:17 skrev Andreas Jaeger:
We currently have 55 languages - and I would like to thank everybody
involved with these. It's impressive to see those translations,
especially for those languages where I would not directly expect that
many openSUSE users! Thanks a lot!

Good. This will help build the opensuse-translator "sub-community". More
people are already in #opensuse-translation on freenode.

I'm quite certain that amateur SUSE users and lovers can create higher quality
translations than the professional "translation monkeys".

Additionally I propose to have during the installation slide show a
slide with the following content:

openSUSE Localization

The openSUSE project is a community project and many individuals are
involved in bug fixing, packaging, testing, documentation and also
localization. Localization for openSUSE specific software is done
by different language teams and the localization portal is reachable
under .

Each translation teams should then add a new sentence to this
parargraphwith e.g. in German "Die deutsche Übersetzung wurde
durchgeführt von Karl Eichwalder und Andreas Jaeger " (translated back
to English: "The German translation has been done by Karl Eichwalder
and Andreas Jaeger" - assuming Karl and myself did the work).

What do you think about this? Should we add this slide? Should we do
it differently?

There should probably also (instead?) be a link to the general wiki. Perhaps
to this page:

Of course it would be nice to get 15 minutes of fame, but another aspect is
that translators rarely get user feedback. Maybe we can address this issue.

During the slideshow new users won't be familiar with translation errors etc.
yet and they'll probably be thinking about other things than giving feedback
to translators. So I've been wondering how we could become more visible to
the users - without them having to reinstall to see the slideshow again ;-)

The best thing I can come up with so far, is to put some information in the
package description for yast-trans-xx. It would probably be too much
maintenance to have individual descriptions for each language, but perhaps we
could put in the package description something generic, like: "Translated by
openSUSE community members" and with references to the translation
mailinglist and the translation portal on the wiki, where there are also
contact information for most teams. Currently there is no package description
at all, only a summary.

Normally you can find information about how to contact the developer in
package descriptions, might be good to have something similar for the
translations. Especially since YaST doesn't have the info in the ui, unlike
for example KDE-apps.
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