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Re: [opensuse-translation] OpenSUSE 10.3 - 1st translation round starts
Den Friday 20 July 2007 14:54:11 skrev Karl Eichwalder:
Merging is done. All yast and lcn files are ready for the 1st
translation round.

Hm.. it seems that we have translations from "memory" again that are not
marked fuzzy and thus impossible to check.

This is really frustrating, because everytime we clean up errors and
inconsistencies of the past they magically reappear in new strings.

An example:

pre-merge bootloader.da.po (lcn): 64 strings.
post-merge bootloader.da.po (lcn): 68 strings, 1 string untranslated

This means that at least 3 strings were translated from "memory". And there's
a substantial risk that there's either errors reproduced from the memory, or
that it breaks the "standards" we have agreed upon in the team, and thus
makes our translations messy and inconsistent.

To make sure this doesn't happen we would need to proof read the entire file,
instead of just the new strings.

Given our ambitions for quality and consistency using the memory means more
work for us, not less.

Of course one solution would be to fix all errors in the memory files, but
that's not really feasible since the lcn one is >10.000 strings, and the yast
one is just huuuuuuuuge.

I'd really like it if all memory translations could be marked fuzzy, it would
only take few minutes to verify those fuzzies. If that's not possible plan B
would be not to use the memory at all.

Using the memory makes it impossible to achieve high quality and consistency.
One of our motivations for participating in translations was that we were
very unhappy with state that translations were in before (pre 10.2) -
needless to say the memory is not exactly helpful in changing that.

Maybe in the future useful and trustworthy new memory can be generated,
perhaps using only a few select files that we approve.

Don't any of you guys on other teams have these concerns?

You can check your respective memory files here:

For Danish team I only have to look at them for a couple of minutes to find
several errors and translations that break our consistency.
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