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Re: [opensuse-translation] 10.3: Software Translation Roadmap
Martin Schlander <suse@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:

Den Tuesday 03 July 2007 13:02:14 skrev Karl Eichwalder:
Are you already aware of the general roadmap? It is here:

Dates and milestones applying for software translation are the following
items; I only list items to come:

What goes on between July 6 -> July 19?

July 6: Milestone: Baseline proof reading of software is finished.

July 19: Milestone: First round for software translation starts (including
YaST slideshow)

The roadmap only "allows" 1 month of official translation cycle. Which
happens, for the most part, to conflict with our holidays. Therefore in
Danish team we plan to start on July 6. Any reason not to do so?

Go ahead - those are the dates that we work with our contractors for the
main languages.

Btw. do we know anything about the distribution of tier2 languages on 10.3
- will they be on the DVD5?
- Will they be on the DVD9?
- Will they be on CD1-5?
- language Add-on cd only? Will the add-on cd be in the box?
- Easy option of installing translations via http/ftp during installation?

The easy way is currently worked on. Michael, any information on the rest?

I assume the new SLE languages (since SP1) are still tier2 with regards to

Yes, Tier 1 is unchanged,

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