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[opensuse-testing] Weekly News for December 17
The Testing Core Team held a meeting on Monday, December 12, 2011 at 18:00 UTC on Channel #opensuse-testing on the Freenode IRC Network (irc://

For most of the meeting, we discussed the openSUSE 12.1 release cycle. The full transcript of the meeting is found at, but we agreed that too many bugs make it into the released version. Our discussion centered around two main points.

1. Many people do not start testing until RC1 or RC2 are released; however, by then there is too little time for the bugs to be fixed. For 12.1, this problem was worse due to the late release of some of the milestones, which made the RC cycle shorter than it usually will be.

2. Not all testers actually file bug reports. The cause may be that they find the whole process to be too difficult, or they do not think it is worth the effort. Perhaps the time between bug filing and the assignment is too long.

We also discussed the art work for a new release. It is common for the final version of the graphics to become ready late in the cycle, which means that for much of the testing, it is impossible to distinguish at a glance what version is running.

If anyone has any suggestions on how we can get more testers involved at an earlier stage, or any other ideas on how testing can be improved, please send them to us. Remember, it is only about a month until 12.2 MS1 is released. As it is likely that SystemV will disappear in 12.2, it is critical that your systemd issues be resolved before August when the final version of 12.2 is released. A testing version of systemd (37-317.1 from OBS) has fixed my one system that failed to boot with systemd.

The next meeting of the TCT will be on Monday, January 16, 2012 at 18:00 UTC on Channel #opensuse-testing on the Freenode IRC Network (irc://

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