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[opensuse-testing] Weekly News for September 17
The Testing Core Team met at 17:00 UTC, September 12. Our meeting was not too long as most of the participants were at openSUSE Conference 2011.

We first discussed our experiences with 12.1 MS5. I reported that I was having problems with the KDE plasmoid NetworkManager applet, and with systemd. As it turned out, I was downloading a 1751-package upgrade during the meeting, and those upgrades fixed most of the problems with NetworkManager. In addition, a subsequent upgrade has fixed my systemd problems.

Our next topic of discussion was oSC 2011. There were back-to-back BoF sessions on testing, one conducted by Bernhard Wiedermann of the TCT, and the second organized by Jiri Slaby of SuSE. Bernhard also had a talk on "One Year of". The conference also included a talk on kernel testing, more indication of the need for automated testing of systems that get more and more complicated.

We next discussed Open Bugs Day No. 3. The possible explanations for the low participation ranges from "looking at old bugs is not very exciting" to "it was a nice summer day in Germany". Whatever the cause, I hope we get a better turnout when we have an OBD for the bugs in 12.1.

We then discussed the areas in 12.1 that have the greatest likelihood of causing problems for openSUSE users. As systemd will be the default in 12.1, it needs to be tested on as many of our platforms as possible. We also expect further problems with the KMS video drivers, particularly nouveau for the nVidia adapters. To help users, we proposed that "nomodeset" be a standard feature of the installation media on the Factory ML. There was some reluctance, but it is likely that a failsafe option will be added to the GRUB menus on the media.

The next meeting of the Testing Core Team will be September 25, 2011 at 17:00 UTC on Channel #opensuse-testing on the Freenode IRC Network (irc:// Our preliminary agenda includes our experiences with 12.1 Beta, and a discussion of the Beta Pizza Party.

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