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Re: [opensuse-testing] New version of publicity announcement for 3rd OBD
Am Mittwoch, 17. August 2011, 22:26:24 schrieb Bernhard M. Wiedemann:
Am 15.08.2011 21:06, schrieb Larry Finger:
The purpose of this OBD is to test the open bugs reported for oS 11.4 to
see which of them are still affecting 12.1.

I just had a look at

and all three of the steps under part 2 of "How" seem to be wrong in the
context of retesting 11.4 bugs

2.1 would loose the information, that the bug is still in 11.4. Bugzilla
can not have one bug for multiple versions - this is a known shortcoming
of bugzilla. Either we could create a clone of the bug or we accept it,
as nobody fixed it til now, so chances might be low that it would be
fixed for 11.4.

2.2 is similar as 2.1 but cloning is not good here. Maybe best would be
to just add the text "This has been fixed in 12.1." while leaving the
status for 11.4 (unless it was also fixed there)

2.3 is worst as it suggests that 11.4 was out of support which is
completely wrong. If it is hard to reproduce, maybe setting the bug to
NEEDINFO from reporter, asking if he can still reproduce it on current
12.1 would be best.

Opinions? Please discuss...
Bernhard M.

2.1 cloning was what we agreed on.

2.2 maybe it is a good idea to retest the fix rather than adding blindly some
comment. Do we switch the state for those than, if yes which?

2.3 NEEDINFO is the only state I can think of for those bugs

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