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Re: [opensuse-testing] New version of publicity announcement for 3rd OBD
On 08/17/2011 08:46 AM, Bernhard M. Wiedemann wrote:


From yesterday's Factory Build0211 I have created two VM images that are
1GB compressed and 3.8GB uncompressed:
Root PW is "linux"
The gnome32 image uses LVM
I adapted fstab, initrd and grub/menu.lst to not require virtio and
tested both images with KVM and VirtualBox.

After downloading you can do
xz -cd $img.xz> $img

qemu-kvm -net user -net nic,model=virtio,macaddr=52:54:00:56:34:12 \
-drive file=$img,if=virtio,boot=on -m 1000 -usb -usbdevice tablet \
-monitor stdio -redir tcp:2222::22 -soundhw ac97

I did not try if VMware works.

I also snapshotted the Factory Build0211 repo to

but chances are that the fix for goes into Factory
this week which could allow for a new factory-tested snapshot.

I tested obd3-gnome32.vmdk. The load using qemu-kvm fails with no specific error being listed, but I was able to load it with VirtualBox using the following:

Launch the VirtualBox GUI, and create a new machine with 1024 MB os RAM. When the GUI reaches the "Virtual Hard Disk" screen, select "Use existing hard disk", browse to the vmdk file, select it, and finish the VM setup. You can then boot the virtual machine.

I plan on sending udated info to news@o.o and post a couple of places in the forums. Are we ready to publicize the URLs for the test material? My guess is not yet.


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