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Re: [opensuse-testing] New draft for request
Am Dienstag 28 Juni 2011, 03:17:42 schrieb Larry Finger:
To the Testing Core Team: As you know, we have been discussing what we
might do to increase the number of testers, particular as we approach the
final release. The statement below will be sent to the openSUSE-project
mailing list.

If you wish to have your name added to the "proposal supported by" list,
please let me know. This message will be mailed on Monday July 3, thus I
need to know by then.

Thanks, Larry


This is a request for changing the name of the MS6 release to Beta.

The Testing Core Team (TCT) discussed the general problem of testing of new
releases. With openQA, the probability that Factory iso's will boot and
install is greatly increased; however, with the current system, many users
do not start testing until RC1 is ready. As a result, there is very little
time for detecting and fixing the bugs that will only be seen with a
workload that is diverse. Such early testing will be particularly
important for 12.1. Not only have we regularized the release schedule and
naming scheme and need to follow through with a high-quality product, but
we are behind due to the early build problems.

The TCT considered several possible changes to entice earlier and broader
testing. The schedule does not have much flexibility to increase the time
between the RC1 and GM releases, thus we probably need to indulge in some
'social engineering' to get earlier testing. We could change from 6
Milestone and 2 RC releases to 5 and 3, respectively, without tampering
with the total time. Alternatively, we could rename from MS6 to Beta. The
TCT favors the latter option. It might mislead the users/testers a little
regarding the quality of the offering, but I don't think calling MS6
"Beta" is misleading. By most definitions, Beta means feature-complete and
free of huge bugs - we should be able to get that with MS6.

A beta release should attract more users. In addition, many of us start
full-time usage with MS5 or MS6, thus we know it to be usable for many
people. Thanks for considering this proposal to further enhance the user
experience and the quality of the final 12.1 release.

This proposal is supported by Larry Finger, Bernhard M. Wiedemann, Refilwe
Seete, Holger Sickenberg, and ...

Hi Larry,
I will support the proposal, BETA sounds better than Milestone :)


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