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Re: [opensuse-testing] New draft for request
Le 28/06/2011 03:17, Larry Finger a écrit :
To the Testing Core Team: As you know, we have been discussing what we
might do to increase the number of testers, particular as we approach
the final release. The statement below will be sent to the
openSUSE-project mailing list.

IMHO you are completely wrong. Sorry.

The naming Have nothing to do with the number of testers.

May be using more this very list (opensuse-testing) could be a beginning. Now most testing problems are described on factory list and this should not be the case, but the testing list is so empty anybody is scared to post to it. IRC is not the good way to manage testing as tests can't be done real time.

To allow more testing, we have to have a factory distro usable from the beginning*, at least for basic work.

And, do you know? *We have*

I use Factory for the first time right from the beginning, and it works extremely well for an early stage.

The only real problem that prevent me from using it every day is the integration with packman (I use mostly multimedia applications), but for web applications (browsing, emailing...) it's very good.

So the roadmap to attract testers is (IMHO):

* add changes in factory (from the stable release) in a reasonable pace, allowing at least upgrade from stable release (done for factory 12.1) - I noticed (but not used) that factory seems to have a "stable" variant? (I don't understand exactly), may be this variant is usable?

* Make test priority (this week, please test..." with bugzilla instant following

* build an "instant answer" team on bugzilla. Bugzilla is extremely busy (I'm subscribed to the bugzilla list), but some bugreports seems to have no answer. Even an answer "sorry we can't work this right now, please wait" is better than none. Factory systems are extremely volatile (they change each day or so), so any "needinfo" done a week after the report is pointless.

* stop saying "factory don't have to be used in production :-). The crazy warning message was already fixed ("no assistance will be made") thanks.

* when a major bug is found on some config, ask on the more wide lists to people having similar hardware. I have a poulsbo netbook video card and was deligthed to see the driver on 2.6.39, I'm ready to help testing it (but was not asked to do so, even after having reported a bug)

* early advertising as "factory works quite well on XXX hardware, you are encouraged to use it" could also widen the user base.

* don't be shy, Factory is vey good!! better than ever!!:-)


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