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Re: [opensuse-testing] A request to change from MS6 to Beta
openSUSE-project is the most logical place to send the final version to.
Although if there is no response, we may have to send it to the openSUSE-
factory mailing list. Hopefully it won't come to that.

I hope everyone is quiet because they are happy with the text.


On Monday 06 June 2011 16:33:47 Larry Finger wrote:
To the TCT: A draft follows. Either send me suggested changes or edit it
on-line at The ultimate E-mail will be
sent to the openSUSE-project mailing list. I welcome other suggestions
for the destination.


This is a request for changing the name of the MS6 release to Beta.

The Testing Core Team (TCT) discussed the general problem of testing of
new releases. With openQA, the probability that Factory iso's will boot
and install is greatly increased; however, with the current system,
many users do not start testing until RC1 is ready. As a result, there
is very little time for detecting and fixing the bugs that will only be
seen with a workload that is diverse. Such early testing will be
particularly important for 12.1. Not only have we regularized the
release schedule and naming scheme and need to follow through with a
high-quality product, but we are behind due to the early build

The TCT considered several possible changes to entice earlier and
broader testing. The schedule does not have much flexibility to
increase the time between the RC1 and GM releases, thus we probably
need to indulge in some 'social engineering' to get earlier testing. We
could change from 6 Milestone and 2 RC releases to 5 and 3,
respectively, without tampering with the total time. Alternatively, we
could rename from MS6 to Beta. The TCT favors the latter option. It
might mislead the user/testers a little regarding the quality of the
offering, but a Beta release should attract more users. In addition,
many of us start full-time usage with MS5 or MS6, thus we know it to be
usable for many people.


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