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Re: [opensuse-testing] Open-Bugs-Day stats
On 04/04/2011 02:09 PM, Christian Boltz wrote:

on Montag, 4. April 2011, Bernhard M. Wiedemann wrote:
Here are some stats from this weekend's Open-Bugs-Day
346 of 1179 bugs were updated in bugzilla (that included all public
openSUSE / SuSE bugs before 11.2

Stats by user:
280 Larry Finger

The problem with statistics is: you can only trust statistics you faked
yourself ;-)

Don't get me wrong, I really appreciate the work you are doing with
bugzilla cleanup. However, just closing bugs as "noresponse" with a
comment that the version is obsolete isn't too helpful IMHO. There are
many bugs that are old, but still valid.

IMHO closing less bugs while testing at least those that include an easy
reproducer (like bug 408545) with 11.4 would make more sense.

Of course I understand that there are also more obscure/hard to
reproduce bugs where "noresponse" might be the only sensible option.
And yes, I have seen that you used for example "needinfo" for some bugs.

Again: this is not meant as an attack, just as proposal ;-)

Another proposal: Send a mail to all bugreporters that have open bugs
against old openSUSE releases and ask them to check if the bug is still
valid on openSUSE 11.4.
I can't promise that everybody will do it ;-) but even if only 10% of
the bugs are updated this way, it will save you lots of work.
Getting a list of reporters and their bugs should be trivial with
bugzilla search + adding the "reporter" column to the output.

Actually, closing Bug 408545 the way I did got exactly the response I wanted, assuming that you actually redid the test, and did not just reopen the bug just because it is one of your favorites. The bugzilla entry had not been touched since July 2008, and the only comment was your original entry. That bug report was dead. It is unlikely that anyone from openSUSE/Novell was going to handle it.

Have you filed a bug report with Mozilla? For problems with Firefox or Thunderbird, that is my preferred route. I don't always get satisfaction, but at least someone follows up on it. With this flurry of activity, perhaps the bnc-team-mozilla will look at this.


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