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[opensuse-testing] 11.4 M5 New installation - Broken Gnome login
  • From: "Terje J. Hanssen" <nteknikk@xxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 22 Dec 2010 10:49:38 +0100
  • Message-id: <4D11C9B2.5090406@xxxxxxxx>
Hi testers,

On my hot new Asus M4A89 GTD (AMD 890 GX) upgraded workstation/server,
I've experienced that new 11.4 M5 x86_64 installations with Gnome as
default desktop, causes a broken login. After user name and password, it
looked like the login process died out with just the desktop background
visible (possibly a desktop freeze). Though, it was possible to switch
to console mode with Ctrl-Alt-F1.

To be sure I've tested two different iso images and setup:

1) First I installed using the NET iso. New installation with Gnome as
default desktop and added the KDE4 software pattern as usually. Login to
a Gnome session died out with just the desktop background visible. Login
to a KDE4 session worked as as normal.

2) Next I downloaded the full DVD-oss iso and installed using Gnome as
default desktop, this time without adding KDE. The same issue was
experienced; login to a Gnome session died out with just the desktop
background visible.

3) However, I have alreadey 11.4 M5 Gnome (as previous milestones)
working on other machines, but these are upgraded using zypper (d)up.
Therefore, as a somewhat cumbersome test and work-around, I also tried a
new installtion of 11.3 Gnome from DVD on my new hardware. After a short
test also this 11.4 Gnome login was broken, especially when I tried to
enable desktop effects.

4) I've also added both KDE4 and LXDE, and login to these sessions do
work ok from the GDM login menu.

This tells me that there is something wrong with the new 11.4 M5
installation using Gnome desktop, at least on this new Asus/AMD hardware.

Yet, before I report a bug, it would be of interest to hear if anyone
has experience with NEW 11.4 M5 Gnome destkop installations and login.

Terje J. Hanssen

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