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Re: [opensuse-testing] New core testing team
  • From: Peter Czanik <pczanik@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 11 Sep 2009 09:29:17 +0200
  • Message-id: <4AA9FC4D.5010804@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

2009-09-10 14:45 keltezéssel, Spencer French írta:
Considering images for m7 should be around now/soon I was wondering what
other members of the team thought our plan should be for this far along in
the dev cycle?

And also what testing preferences each member has as well as available
hardware so we can all have a rough idea of each others work flow.

I have 2 desktop machines both x86/64 as well as a macbook pro (early 2009)
and a newish dell laptop, so I can do resume/suspend testing of those models.
As far as preference I am really interested in the kde desktop/yast/zypper
and xorg, although of course I will help with anything I can.

I'm S.u.S.E. user from 4.3 and tester from 5.x :-) For long my interest
was desktop applications and some hw/installation. From the openSUSE
10.X series this shifted to hw/installation on PowerPC machines, of
course reporting any other bugs I encountered. Also did SLES 10 PPC and
11 x86 tests, but that's another topic. Right now I'm downloading ARM
packages from dl9pf's BS repository for a test and hoping to see a fully
supported ARM port of openSUSE in the future.

I have the following machines:
- 1 self built Intel Core2Duo desktop with Nvidia 7600
- vmware workstation 6.X running on the above machine ;-)
- 1 Dell Inspiron Mini 10v netbook (with a Broadcom wireless, which does
not work on Linux even with Broadcom's own closed source driver, only
from Windows)
- 1 Pegasos PPC ( )
- 3 EFIKA PPC ( )
- various Freescale PPC development systems (MPC8610, MPC5121), where I
ported openSUSE (~hacked installer to work and provided a kernel, better
than most Linux BSP's :-) ) I still use one of these to compile Packman
packages for PPC...
- 1 EFIKA MX development system (Freescale ARM iMX515: ), where I already have a very
basic openSUSE running
- 1 Sheeva Plug (Marvell

So, as you can see, I'm very interested in "alternative" hardware, where
it is already a challenge to get something installed. So right now I'm
mainly interested in the installer part. On the desktop side I'm
interested in XFCE and KDE4. I work as sysadmin, so I also tend to test
server applications.

As sysadmin, I have time when there is planned maintenance / disaster at
the moment :-)

I added #opensuse-testing to my automatic channel list in Pidgin, where
I think we should all be available.

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