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Re: [opensuse-testing] Place of testing in the openSUSE wiki
  • From: Oddball <monkey9@xxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 28 Feb 2009 14:09:49 +0100
  • Message-id: <49A9379D.8030805@xxxxxx>
jdd schreef:
Testing the future distro is one of the most important task of the
community. Something that don't need extreme knowledge and need a very
large number of participants.

Fully agreed..
I think this aspect is largely underestimated on the wiki.

On the beginning, most members where "fans" and did now all about
testing :-). Now we have more and more "users" willing to help, but we
have to drive them.

Better is: Guide, or direct, them..

Right now, one have to clic on the front page on "How to participate"
(good) to go to a nice looking page
(, but have to go to
"Develop it" to find:

If one tests, one helps to develop..
"Test openSUSE and Report Bugs
You can help improve openSUSE by finding and reporting bugs. Our bug
tracking system, Bugzilla, is used for all openSUSE/SUSE Linux
products. If you have never written a bug report, please refer to Bug
Reporting FAQ to learn what kinds of information make the report most

Communication is the most useful:
tell the bugreporter what is needed, and point to the pages were this is
The assignee knows what he needs to know to be able to fix a bug.
And sometimes the cause is different then one would conclude from the
I think the testing is *not* (not only) a developper task and should
be moved to the "Participate in it" section. To test, one have to
subscribe this present list (opensuse-testing), and report here before
thinking of bugzilla. Here we can teach the bugzilla working to
unexperienced users.

To keep in touch with the enduser, it is most helpful that endusers
report the bugs, so able to determine which apps are used most, or what
endusers find 'impportant'.

To send a newcommer to bugzilla is nearly lose it. I personnally had
to pass years before I could use bugzilla, and I'm not always cool
with it.

Notice that the text quoted don't even mention the
""; page!!

This very nice sentence:

"The openSUSE project includes a growing volunteer network of Linux
users and developers who participate in the ongoing creation and
improvement of openSUSE by testing development releases. This team of
testers has a common mission: they improve the world's most usable
Linux distribution by finding and constructively reporting relevant bugs."

is on the submit bug page, probably not the best place, because most
bigs should be subitted *before* the release, not after.

That depends, a user does not want to get the impression the distro is
When he/she finds bugs, and feels compelled to the distro, he/she would
want to improve its usefulness.
May be also we should have a way to less scare the user about the
usability of the beta releases. Many people (including me) fear to use
factory before RC1 not to lose data. Do you have a real example of
data loss because early use?? I have none real one. I have many
crashes reports, but no data loss.

I never lost any data testing alpha or beta releases, just customized
Sometimes one has to reinstall, but not often.
I use allways a new home with a new series, but i have allways more than
2 systems that can be used by me for testing, and several others that i
can also use.
Besides that i have some laptops, and several netbooks,

I lost data by windows virusses.. :(

I also advocate using VirtualBox in very early tests (may be also
Xen??), because any modern computer can build VirtualBox with 512Mo
ram and any distro should run inside - ands it's fearless

Personaly, i don't believe in VM's or emulators to test, but that is
just me.
Bugs will be found there also.

I can change the wiki pages, but I wont do so without discussion, so
what do you think??


I think that it is obvious to test before the release, on as many as
possible systems, by as many as possible people.
It takes much time though.... to do it right, that is why it is
important that many people participate, so that the dups show the
reality of the bugs.


Enjoy your time around,

Oddball (M9.) (Now or never...)

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