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Re: [opensuse-support][TW] menus black Plasma screen
Hi felix,

i do not really think its the same, but i have had a couple of month
problems after dup ing tw with black console. (sddm)
here the problem was a smaller screensize inside grub commandline
as monitor native use. (at the moment i have not dup to latest tw)
before that update this line was always working fine for me:

old resolution (for boot) was:
video=1920x1200 showopts

but in graphical session and monitor used:
video=2560x1600 showopts

after changing it everything worked again as it should again.


Am 11.03.19 um 02:34 schrieb Felix Miata:
Knurpht-openSUSE composed on 2019-03-10 20:24 (UTC-0500):

Felix Miata:

Today is not the first time getting black screens trying to use Plasma's app
menu. KDM and XDM

KDM is not a default, SSDM is. Try that.

We've been through this more than once. KDM was long ago deprecated, but
still AFAIK SDDM and
LightDM continue to omit required optionS I use, so are locked out until such
time as one of them
restores KDM functionality or KDM disappears from the mirrors. If the latter
happens, I'll more
likely switch to TDM or KDM3 if they still exist. I like the "unthemed" (aka
default) greeter,
much, more than any themed greeter I've ever glanced upon.

Besides that, my most used test installation "runlevel" is multi-user,
frequently starting and
stopping startx sessions, mousing as little as practical. KDM is mainly used
when I need to confirm
behavior between the two session startup types does not produce different
behavior in the X sessions.

I suppose this may be a case where one of SDM or LightDM might be appropriate
as a sort of bisect
process, but no way am I going to switch more than temporarily. Also I was
trying to do something
else with this box <>
and this diversion is
apparently tangled with my attempts to follow up with it.

I installed sddm anyway. All its greeter text except time/date is
ridiculously small. Its time
format is wrong. It flashes junk on the screen when I move the mouse, then
blanks everything except
time/date. It lists users who aren't allowed to login, omits the one needed,
and offers no place to
type username in manually.

startx -- :1 produced black screen instead of working Plasma, and no mouse
clicking was helpful.
Ctrl-Alt-BS shut the PC down.

When I keep my default vga=791 video=1440x900@60 on cmdline to boot
(inconsistent with what's
needed for bug 1118689 follow up, neither), sddm screen is pure black, no
mouse, no keyboard
response, systemctl isolate multi-user adds a cursor to otherwise black
vttys, with salvation only
via remote login.

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