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Re: [opensuse-support] Perl problem in SpamAssassin, uninitialized value.

On Tue, 29 Jan 2019, Carlos E. R. wrote:
On 29/01/2019 12.02, David Haller wrote:

Thus it is a known bug upstream, and I don't need to report it on our
bugzilla. Thanks.

It looks like it.

Or is a patch needed?

No idea.

Wait, it was reported on 2016. Still not solved? :-o

No, I think it was supposed to be solved by requiring a newer version
of Net::DNS, i.e. Net::DNS >= 0.73.

What is the output of:
perl -MNet::DNS -e 'print "$Net::DNS::VERSIONn";'

cer@Telcontar:~> perl -MNet::DNS -e 'print "$Net::DNS::VERSIONn";'

Darn. There's a backslash gone amiss somewhen.

$ perl -MNet::DNS -e 'print "$Net::DNS::VERSION\n";'

last chars: O N backslash n quote semicolon apostrophe

What SUSEn do you use?

The one in the signature, 15.0

I had that deleted when typing ;(. Ok, according to sw.o.o, you
_should_ have perl-Net-DNS 1.14 installed. Which should be new enough.

But better check what your perl actually picks up, see above cmdline.
Could be some old Net/ somewhere left over in an overriding
PERL5LIB path you've forgotten about years ago (/usr/local, ~/, ...
check your PERL5LIB env-var too, and any sh-rc-files you mucked about
in /etc/ like /etc/profile.local, /etc{,/*sh}/*shrc, and such ;)

Also helpful: start up "cpan" and then enter "m Net::DNS" at it's
prompt. Should look something like this (I maintain my own perl in ~/

cpan[1]> m Net::DNS
Module id = Net::DNS
DESCRIPTION Interface to the DNS resolver
CPAN_USERID NLNETLABS (NLnet Labs <cpan@xxxxxxxxxxxx>)
UPLOAD_DATE 2018-11-15
MANPAGE Net::DNS - Perl Interface to the Domain Name System
INST_FILE /home/dh/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.28.0/Net/

The last two lines INST_FILE and INST_VERSION are the relevant lines.
And inst-file should be from your perl-Net-DNS rpm package, i.e. check
with 'rpm -qf' if in doubt ;)

cer@Telcontar:~> rpm -q spamassassin

Should not be different, code is the same in that function. You might
try sa 3.4.2 from the devel:languages:perl repo though.


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