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Re: [opensuse-support] Broken "pin" command in 15.0
On 24/01/2019 13.57, Christian Boltz wrote:

Am Donnerstag, 24. Januar 2019, 02:17:18 CET schrieb Knurpht-openSUSE:
Carlos, can you please test if pin from
a) (for Leap)
b) (for Tumbleweed)
works for you now? Ideally test both because they use different ways
to read /etc/os-release. (If you don't want to install the package
- simply downloading and running "pin" from OBS is enough to test

404, can't find a way to download the package.

Branches are by default not published to download.o.o, therefore you'll
need to download from OBS directly.

- go to (for example)
- in the "Build Results", click on the "standard" repo (in other repos,
it can also be something like "openSUSE_Leap_15.0")
- click the "Download" link for the file you want

It also needs login.

Telcontar:~ # rpm --upgrade
Header V3 DSA/SHA1 Signature, key ID 6912ee37: NOKEY
Telcontar:~ # pin lamppost

no file ARCHIVES_15.0.gz found

please insert CD1/DVD in your CD-ROM/DVD drive / bitte CD1/DVD einlegen

please eject all medias from other drives /
bitte entfernen Sie andere Medien aus den Laufwerken.

press enter to continue - Bitte enter druecken
^CTelcontar:~ #

Ok, I have to change the name of the archive.


It works, thanks :-)

Cheers / Saludos,

Carlos E. R.
(from 15.0 x86_64 at Telcontar)

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