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Re: [opensuse-support] 2FA for crypted disk
1) There was a similar thread, you might find interesting:

2) Show a link to the howto you found.

3) LUKS has 8 slots for various keys to unlock the partition. You can
set up 3 passwords and 2 keyfiles and you need at least one to unlock
This should keep you safe from loosing access to your data.

Adam Mizerski

W dniu 21.01.2019 o 23:26, Wolfgang Rosenauer pisze:

as I understand from searching around it should be possible to do something
2FA for crypto devices (LUKS). Or at least some challenge response.

I've got a Yubikey and I found an Ubuntu howto. Because this is a bit of a
implementation when my crypted home partition is not accessible anymore I'm a
bit hesitant to experiment like I do typically.

Therefore: Does anyone have a pointer to an HOWTO which works for openSUSE


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