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Re: [opensuse-support] zypper ps suddenly shows entries like /memfd:unknown-usage:/usr/lib64/
20.12.2018 14:23, Freek de Kruijf пишет:
Since shortly "zypper ps" shows entries starting with /memfd:
These entries are also present when using lsof on certain processes.
It looks like this type has been introduced recently and zypper does not
ignore these entries.

zypper does not ignore anything. It simply displays deleted files that
are still opened. memfd is relatively new Linux IPC mechanism that
passes anonymous memory region between processes. These regions are
referenced using file descriptors, so they look like deleted files for
all practical purposes.

It is not the first time zypper is fooled by applications intentionally
keeping reference to deleted files. There is no way to distinguish
between files deleted as result of package update or due to any other

I also see an entry /usr/sbin/haveged (deleted) for process haveged, which
disappears after a restart of haveged. Howver /memfd: remains after killing
the process and restarting it.

Of course it remains (or better re-appears), memfd is created by process
as part of its normal activity.

Bug report?

And what fix do you suggest? I am not entirely thrilled by zypper
ignoring specific file names and memfd looks just like a regular file
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