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Re: [opensuse-support] latest snapshot - distorted screen on DELL XPS 13 9370
Michael Hirmke composed on 2018-12-20 04:57 (UTC-0500):

2. What in general is the best X11 driver for the 620 chip at the moment
- intel or modesetting? And why?

IMO: modesetting

Why 1: it's the only X driver I've used with any gpu that supports it since I
discovered it at least two years ago

Why 2: last official release of xf86-video-intel was more than 3.5 years ago:

Why 3: ISTR on the intel-gfx mailing list a while back seeing mention that
focus by those paid by Intel for Linux driver work was on the
modesetting driver

Why 4: It's been the apparent default in Debian and other distros for quite
some time:

Why 5: I've seen nothing to explain why the foundational differences between
the way the
two work might suggest one or the other might be theoretically better
of not
better in practice

Why 6: history in forums of gfx problems disappearing when xf86-video-intel is

Why 7: at least in theory, unnecessary to switch X configuration to use a
driver when a gfxcard is added to or removed from a PCIe slot in a
with both Intel CPU and video output ports
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