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Re: [opensuse-support] Leap 15 Packman VLC - no drag'n'drop?
* Michael Fischer <michael@xxxxxxxx> [12-09-18 12:38]:
On Sun, Dec 09, Patrick Shanahan wrote:
* Michael Fischer <michael@xxxxxxxx> [12-09-18 11:42]:

Leap 15
VLC 3.0.2-lp150.3.5 from Packman
(what else might be helpful?)

Open File, select file with mouse, drag to Playlist window does not work.

works for me on tw
why not just select "open with -> vlc"

Not opening from e.g. dolphin, "Open File" in the above is within VLC.
Perhaps I should have been clearer: Media->Open File->...

Media -> Open File -> <click-on-file> starts file in vlc

dragging to play-list does nothing for me

Open File, double click file, or select file with mouse and click the Open
button works.

Rather annoying when one wants to set up a playlist *before* playing

dragging files to play-list just adds them to play-list

This is the behavior I am missing.

only works for me from outside vlc, not from vlc's file listings

I get the same actions with files locally or nfs or cifs or sshfs
vlc-3.0.4-4.13.x86_64 from packman

`zypper se -s vlc` on Leap 15 is showing me

vlc 3.0.2-lp150.3.5

No vlc-3.0.4-4.13.x86_64 here.

zypper se -si -r packman vlc

"-r " whatever you have packman repo listed as

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