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Re: [opensuse-support] updatedb now fails for regular user with local db
On 28/11/2018 03:11, Ralph wrote:
What can I say, as time goes by I'm finding that LOTS of things I do by
habit on linux, as a user, things that I have done since the last
century, are all of a sudden "not supported by" whatever distro.

Yes, agreed.

On the other hand, I try to take some reassurance from it. It means that
the OS is not fossilized, and is actively being changed and improved.

But when systemd means that my laptop fails to boot, rather than simple
going "oh, I can't mount the Windows partition, I will just keep on
going without it", it's very hard to feel like that.

year(?) ago I was told by opensuse bugzilla folks that booting with the
root partition in the extended partition on bios drives isn't supported,
but I've been doing that on every/all of my machines since forever

What?! Really? :-o

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