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Re: [opensuse-support] RAID1 disk pending sectors
Felix Miata composed on 2018-11-07 06:39 (UTC-0500):

Carlos E. R. composed on 2018-11-07 10:35 (UTC+0100):

On 07/11/2018 04.48, Felix Miata wrote:

# journalctl -b -e
Nov 06 21:54:55 00srv smartd[937]: Device: /dev/sdc [SAT], 8 Currently
unreadable (pending) sectors
# fdisk -l /dev/sdc; smartctl -x /dev/sdc
shows Current_Pending_Sector raw value is 8 after only 1660 power on hours.
Basically, your disk fails consistently on LBA 142446713, read error.
You have to find out what is there and rewrite that sector.

# smartctl -t long /dev/sdc
is now running

I missed the section pointing to the LBA. 142446713 is on sdc8, which happens
to be md3, which is on /home. There remains to identify the file or structure
that uses 142446713.

That same secton has this puzzling line:
#10 Short offline Completed without error 00% 43301 -
That's failure at a lifetime of 43301 hours on a disk the appears to have only
1660 power on hours.

# cat /proc/mdstat
md3 : active raid1 sdb8[0] sdc8[1]
73727872 blocks super 1.0 [2/2] [UU]
bitmap: 1/1 pages [4KB], 65536KB chunk
# fdisk -l /dev/sdc
Device Start End Sectors Size Type
/dev/sdc8 61171712 208627711 147456000 70.3G Linux RAID

Shouldn't the following process force LBA 142446713 to be reallocated?

fail sdc8 from md3
remove sdc8 from md3
dd if=/dev/zero of=/devsdc8 bs=32768
add sdc8 to md3

It seems it would be simpler than trying to figure out which file or inode
uses it.
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