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Re: [opensuse-support] SOLVED: lost hplip printing
* Carlos E. R. <robin.listas@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> [10-16-18 08:22]:
On 16/10/2018 02.51, Patrick Shanahan wrote:
* Carlos E. R. <> [10-15-18 20:02]:
On 16/10/2018 00.24, Patrick Shanahan wrote:
* Carlos E. R. <> [10-15-18 18:05]:


Maybe you can place your own router. :-?
I can't, the setup is difficult to replicate and not documented.

current one apparently just fails when it feels like it.

Well, if rebooting the issue, and there are not other issues... count
your blessings.

Maybe if many people complain they'll issue some other model.

fwiw, roadrunner equipment caused me the fewest problems in the past 20
years and was the most configurable. also the most costly :(.

An administrator I met (business admin, not computer admin) told me,
when I was young, that cheap turns out to be expensive.

unfortunately, this turn out to be what one really needs vs what one is
willing to pay. the salve provided by the difference is cost soothes much
of the pain coming from lack of quality control.
but that salve does not cease one from advertising the discomfort caused
by at&t's lack of quality.

Ah, yes, I do similarly :-)

even navigating their menu system is a pain in the ass. almost as bad as
their chat system with people looking up the discription of your problem
on their cheat-sheets and giving you answers about mowing your lawn or
trimming the shrubs. no idea about technical matters and don't have any
idea who or where to elevate your conversation.

Ah, here Telefónica chat system is better quality usually (not always).
At least on the forum I can get answers from people that know after some
days, and if they say they do some thing they really do it - something
that is not that certain via phone.

Telefonica was participated at the start (1924) by ITT (International
Telephone & Telegraph); I thought it was AT&T or Bell.

at&t and bell are pretty much the same thing. bell held a monopoly on
telephone service in the USA and was broken up in 1982. the at&t company
was purchased by one of the resulting smaller entities, Southwestern Bell.

we have wandered off-topic. further discussion should be moved there...

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