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Re: [opensuse-support] reboot and shutdown not completing

On 9/19/18 4:25 PM, Maximilian Trummer wrote:
Am Mittwoch, 12. September 2018, 18:57:24 CEST schrieb mike:

Running this a known problem...unable to reboot
or shut down with an nvme ssd?? Running with a Ryzen 2700 and

Gigabyte 470 aorus ultra gaming motherboard...Thanks for any help...

After a little digging I found the likely culprit, it's a known issue with AMD
AGESA and the Linux kernel compile option 'CONFIG_CRYPTO_DEV_SP_PSP:

Quote from the RedHat Bugzilla:
Good news, I have received a reply from AMD regarding the issue after
submitting further information as gathered above and from other sources.

It would appear that the BIOS/firmware is advertising it supports SEV, when
in fact it doesn't. We currently don't have a timeout associated with the
SEV commands and so the module load is stuck - which would also explain the
KVM issue.

The current approach is to add a timeout to the kernel that stops things
sticking forever and submit that to the current stable releases.
A fix is also underway, but it will take a while to reach Tumbleweed or the
Leap stable kernel probably:

    Great, thanks Maximilian,

            Following what you suggested, I filled out a bug report also, since yours

    was on startup and mine on shutdown....I updated bios to latest version so I

    guess that did not fix the problem.....hoping that they will have our problems



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