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Re: [opensuse-support] Folding@Home

On 9/19/18 3:21 PM, Patrick Shanahan wrote:
* mike <furryllama@xxxxxxxxxxx> [09-19-18 14:30]:
On 9/19/18 2:20 PM, Patrick Shanahan wrote:
* mike <furryllama@xxxxxxxxxxx> [09-19-18 14:06]:

            OK I had this working on my old system and now all I get is--

                        /etc/init.d/FAHClient start FAILED

            when run as root...zypper installed the 3 fah packages and it
refuses to start.

            using latest I missing something??


did you follow the instructions at:
        thanks Patrick but these instructions are like two years old....

        I downloaded the latest rpms from the Folding website and installed

        them with zypper.  Supposedly the service starts on boot, but I

        manually since the system was already running...

is anything different now than before, ie: program names, ...
    I don't think so, and I believe it was you that helped me fix this last

    time, and that was the way it started as a service before....

honestly, unless your are only addressing someone who has the app running
or is familiar with it, you provide very little information.
no one knows what "system indicates" or what you have installed or how or

when posing a problem or asking a question, please realize that no one
else is sitting in front of your display.

and latest tw does not tell anyone when you last updated, the version may
have changed since you posted.
        that's another there a command that will print out the

        that was last installed?

        well it's not an emergency problem, I just wanted to use it later,
like in

    cooler weather....running folding at home makes the computer a good room

    warmer :)

well, it probably has been adjusted to use systemd init rather than the

you might try: systemctl start <program_name>

        Failed to start FAHClient.service Unit FAClient.service not found

        If I try to start it with just the command FAHClient  i get - error while loading

        shared libraries :

        I have openssl installed, except there is no

more you might do rpm -ql <program_name> |grep system to get the correct
name to systemd

also you might need to do: systemctl enable <program_name>

    alright that went through and registered the service....It still won't start...

    although it was trying....thanks for the help so far. I will try again


I don't have it installed and really not interested enough to do so, and
time constraints ....
                        not a problem

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