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Re: [opensuse-support] LEAP 15.0 - logging amavis

Op woensdag 29 augustus 2018 20:40:00 CEST schreef Michael Hirmke:


So typically with syslog amavis messages go to "/var/log/mail" only. You
can readjust to send to "/var/log/amavis" if you want.

Before installing Leap 15.0 and still on my other machine with LEAP
42.3 amavis is logging to /var/spool/amavis/amavis.log - and I can
switch with $DO_SYSLOG = 0/1 between file and syslog.

amavis is a Perl script, so it should be rather easy to change the source to
accomplish what you want. You can search the source for $DO_SYSLOG around
which you will see what the setting of this variable is doing.

I could do that, but then I'd have to change it every time an update
gets installed. Besides that, I'd like to understand, why the behaviour
changed, although the logics in amavisd *seems* not to have changed.


Michael Hirmke
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