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Re: [opensuse-support] TW icewm, kdm and startx all fail with kdm timeout & coredumping icewm, drkonqi & kicker SOLVED?!
Felix Miata composed on 2018-08-27 05:14 (UTC-0400):

Startx fails to start icewm, which coredumps as well, so apparently this isn't
just a KDE3 problem. Doesn't look like kernel either, as same failure whether
4.18.0, 4.17.14, 4.16.12 or 4.15.13. :-(

Because of the presence of fontconfig in the systemd core file lists, I shifted
my focus to fontconfig and made the problem go away. Exactly what did it I'm not
sure. I mv'd /usr/local/share/fonts, which had a last write date 3 years ago, to
fonts- and did fc-cache -f and problem disappeared. I created an empty fonts and
problem remained gone. I deleted the empty and mv'd fonts- back to fonts, did
fc-cache -f again, and problem still remained gone.

There were ttf files with group 50, which matched nothing in /etc/group. After X
began working I changed them all to root, which had no effect. Then I changed
them all to 50, but again there was no effect. All are now root.
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