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Re: [opensuse-support] LibreOffice : Date Column Format
On 28/07/18 15:23, Patrick Shanahan wrote:
* ellanios82 <ellanios82@xxxxxxxxx> [07-28-18 07:55]:
Dear Support ,

LibreOffice : Date Column Format

 since abt 10 days problem appears with Date Column Format.

Date Column Format is set to Language English USA : MM/DD/YY

For example today we have 07/28/18 in Date-Column :

 then if i use next cell below , in Date Column , and try

to enter for August 03, 2018 , as 08/03/18  , then

LO flips that to "03/08/18"

nevertheless , when i check that cell-format it remains



 something odd is happening  :(
<rt-click> on top of "Date-Column", A,B,C,or ..., and select "Format
cells" and choose 12/31/99 and "Default - English (USA)"

clicking on the column top/header A,B,... will select the entire column
and apply the format to all the cells within the column.

I have found on occasion (rarely) that the column is not entirely
formatted or "lost" its formatting for some reason. has not happened
enough to assign a cause or be enough bother to report.

 - many thanks Patrick

 : above steps taken, & done with persistence :

 have used LO Calc for many years :

 suspect Cell Date Format has taken a 'dislike' to the

early days of August  !!



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