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Re: [opensuse-support] boot priority on (Intel) iMac
Neil Rickert composed on 2018-07-12 23:59 (UTC-0500):

Felix Miata wrote:

but Grub still shows up instead of rEFInd on reboot.

Your specified boot order does not take? If that happens, it's a
firmware limitation. You could probably create a grub2 boot entry that
chains to refind.

I shutdown to do other things for a while, then started up using the option key.
That brought up only a picture of the installed HD. I clicked it to proceed and
the rEFInd menu came up with two openSUSEs, one for rEFInd to load the
kernel/initrd direcly from /, and the other for loading it via
EFI/opensuse/grub64.efi, plus the OS X entry, and a fourth "Boot Legacy OS from
whole disk volume", which if selected eventually winds up showing "No bootable
device - insert boot desk and press any key".

There is no BIOS to change boot order on Mactel. What can be done to prevent
openSUSE from stealing boot control from rEFInd?

In normal operation, openSUSE won't "steal" control. It only does that
when booting is reinstalled.

That's sounds like what I call stealing. zypper up, KDE updater, etc. shouldn't
change booting except as minimally required when a new kernel is installed. Are
you saying initial installation and yast2 bootloader alterations are the only
times "reinstallation" occurs? Are the latter primarily or entirely calls to

Making changes with Yast bootloader might do that.

yast2 bootloader is what I did. I changed only the timeout value, because as you
and Carlos and others have often communicated, it's easier than looking up how
to reconfigure the mini-OS that is Grub2.

Otherwise, it will probably only happen when there's an update
to "grub2-efi" or to "shim". That's perhaps once every 6 months for
Leap, and around weekly for Tumbleweed. I should say for Tumbleweed,
that it can go for many weeks without such an update, but then it might
update several times over the next week. The "around weekly" is a
guessed average.

What I'm doing here is trying to get a Mac ready to sell to someone interested
in OS X + Linux on one Mac. I could get by fine knowing how the system works,
but a mere mortal is going to wonder what happened and have no idea how to fix
something like this when what he needs is to use it for some kind of work.

Plus, this thing is famously slow to POST and get the first boot menu to appear.
rEFInd looks like a menu Apple built, so I want it to be and stay first.
Green/black mousetype Grub with all the dots and dashes in truncated menu
entries in a little bitty portion of the center of the screen is more like Mac
antithesis, not wanted, particularly since os-prober is inexplicably managing
not to offer even one other OS selection.
"Wisdom is supreme; therefore get wisdom. Whatever else you
get, get wisdom." Proverbs 4:7 (New Living Translation)

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Felix Miata ***
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