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Re: [opensuse-support] waiting for ntpd to synchronize system clock blocks reasonable shutdown time
03.07.2018 07:24, Felix Miata пишет:
I have multiple installations of 42.3, 15.0 & TW. Some simply won't shutdown
reboot without a lengthy delay for $SUBJECT, at least 20 seconds. This
(only?) happens after zypper up or dup, such as just happened with TW20180629
host big31.

Anyone else commonly see this?

I have seen posts suggesting the same problem. My best guess is that it
is related to asynchronous DNS resolver thread. When service is being
stopped, it gets SIGTERM; as far as I can tell it simply sets flag
causing event loop to exit, so if DNS thread is currently waiting for
DNS server to reply it will probably notice this flag only after some

You could try enabling systemd debug durong shutdown, it may provide
more hints. Or start debugger in separate terminal and check status ntpd
service when it is being stopped.
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