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Re: [opensuse-support] leap15 rescue iso

On 20-06-18 18:12, Knurpht@openSUSE wrote:
Op woensdag 20 juni 2018 18:01:59 CEST schreef JJM de Faber:
On 20-06-18 17:51, Knurpht@openSUSE wrote:
Op woensdag 20 juni 2018 17:43:20 CEST schreef JJM de Faber:
On 20-06-18 17:38, Knurpht@openSUSE wrote:
Op woensdag 20 juni 2018 17:20:00 CEST schreef JJM de Faber:
In the leap15 download diectory are live iso's.

The live iso and the rescue iso.

They both don't boot.

Error: GRUB, Mokmanager.efi not found.

Is this a bug or something else?
How did you create a DVD or USB-stick?

I created the usbstick with the imagewriter, same way as the
OK. What happens if you turn off Secure Boot in the BIOS?

FWIW I just mounted the KDE live iso to check for the file. It's simply
there. But, it boots fine on my laptop, no matter what BIOS settings. Sure
because that was the thing I wanted to test.
Secure boot is always off.
Even the non uefi boot fails
I think it is possibly hardware related, I have a very recent system.
Asus prime x370-pro motherboard and a amd Ryzen 5 1500x ,the bios/uefi
is also most recent.
The installation kits which are created exactly on the same stick on the
same way are booting without any problem.
That could be the problem. Is Legacy USB also available ?
You could try a Tumbleweed Live iso , to see if that works.

Legacy usb boot freezes after the message "Loading Kernel".
With the image "openSUSE-Tumbleweed-Rescue-CD-x86_64-Snapshot20180618-Media.iso" exact the same problems.
Booting the stick on my old no-efi laptop I see there is no efibootmgr on the rescue image. !!!
That were I need a rescue cd for most of the time.
Fsarchiver would also be nice on a rescue image.!!!
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