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[opensuse-support] Mailinglist changes going forward
Hello everyone,

Firstly I am cross posting this across a number of mailinglists because
this post affects several, but I would ask that you keep your replies /
feedback on the openSUSE project list as not to fragment discussion.

It has been raised with the board by several members of the community
that some of our mailinglists have not been working as effectively as we
would like. As such and as raised in our annual discussion with the
community during the conference, the board has decided to take a couple
of steps that we hope will resolve these issues or that will at least be
a starting point in resolving these issues.

Firstly we have created a new opensuse-support@o.o mailing list, we as
the board felt that in the transition from factory -> tumbleweed in
particular the change in role for opensuse@o.o did not work well and in
many cases there was an attitude that factory/tumbleweed issues should
still be posted on the factory mailing list. As such we have created the
support mailing list to help clarify these changes in policy that we
don't believe worked when we tried to change them last time. In short we
would like you to use opensuse-support@o.o whenever you require support
whether it is for Tumbleweed, Leap (regardless of whether you are using
a Leap beta or not) or any other project under the openSUSE umbrella.

This brings us to the next issue, posting bugs / bug reports on mailing
lists rather then bugzilla. This is a practice we would like to see
stopped and we will be gently reminding people if they continue posting
bugs on mailinglists, this especially includes if a package /
application breaks when updating tumbleweed / leap (including beta's).
We would ask that you search for your issue prior to reporting but in
case you accidentally report a duplicate bug its easy for us to mark it
as such, also if you report something that is intentional and not a bug
it doesn't take long to mark it as such, so if in doubt file a bug
rather then posting to a mailing list, there is useful information for
filing bugs at the following links [1][2]. But if you are really stuck
with trying to file your bug the friendly people at opensuse-support@o.o
can support you through the process.

The board hopes that with the changes outlined above the contents of the
opensuse-factory@o.o will go back to just being general distro
development discussion so if your post to openSUSE factory is something
other then that think twice about where the more appropriate place to
post is. The new tumbleweed snapshots will continue to be posted to
factory but we would ask you do not reply to them in order to report
issues / bugs. If a bug is reported that a package maintainer believes
will cause significant issues for most tumbleweed users ie not being
able to boot / login or severe data loss we still invite the maintainer
to post a warning to opensuse-factory but such issues happen very rarely
and as such we don't expect to see many such posts.

The board has decided that it would like to see how well these changes
work before deciding to add / remove / change openSUSE's mailing lists
further. Although we have discussed several other possibilities that we
could also try in the future.



Simon Lees (Simotek)

Emergency Update Team
SUSE Linux Adelaide Australia, UTC+10:30
GPG Fingerprint: 5B87 DB9D 88DC F606 E489 CEC5 0922 C246 02F0 014B

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