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[opensuse-summit] The list from China mainland about voting for openSUSE.Asia Summit 2017 candidates

We would like to have below China communities and contributor in
the list.

1. Marguerite Su <i@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
2. Chongqing openSUSE community: Hillwood Yang <hillwoodroc@xxxxxxxxx>
3. Beijing openSUSE community: Sunny <ysun@xxxxxxxx>

Hillwood and I will talk to ChongQing and Beijing openSUSE community
separately to get majority voting results and take vote on behalf of
our local community. Thank you!


On 06/06/2017 03:31 PM, AL Yu-Chen Cho wrote:
Hi All,

Because openSUSE.Asia Summit already run 3 years, and there are lots of
kindly people give help and support it. But we think there should be a
rule for openSUSE.Asia Summit committee members, and also want those
committee members could bear more responsibility and share more loading
from local host team.

The "openSUSE.Asia Summit committee and vote ticket Rules" list below:

Until now the actively openSUSE community are Asia is this 4 community
: [China][Indonesia][Japan][Taiwan].
1. Every community get up to 3 vote ticket for voting next
openSUSE.Asia Summit Host.
2. How to get vote ticket ?
2.1 Not in these 4 commnuity but had host openSUSE.Asia Summit => 3
vote ticket.
2.2 One community host openSUSE.Asia Summit twice and active openSUSE
Community in Asia => Separate to two vote group , and the new group get
up to 3 vote ticket.
[Example : New (Asia Summit-{year}) group get up to 3 ticket and The
community still keep up to 3 vote ticket]
2.3 One community host third times (or more) will also follow rule
(2.2), the Community and previous Asia Summit group(s) keep up to 3
ticket, new (Asia Summit-{year}) group get up to 3 ticket.
2.4 Start at 2018/1/1 , who don't host any openSUSE.Asia Summit yet ->
0 vote ticket.
3. The member of openSUSE.Asia Summit Committee is who owns vote
4. openSUSE.Asia Summit Committee should give openSUSE.Asia Summit
event support.
5. These rules will be fixed / increased / descreased by openSUSE

The voting proposal are asked and agreed by 2014,2015 and 2016
openSUSE.Asia Summit general coordinator and committee.

Please feel free to let us know if you have any suggestion.
If nobody has objection, we will start to take vote.

Sunny, Edwin, Ftake and Sakana, would you please provide the list of
committees (up to 3) with their name and email to me for creating
voting list.


On Tue, 2017-06-06 at 13:41 +0800, Yan Sun wrote:
Hi Hillwood, Ftake,

Thank you for your feedback.
Since both of you prefer option 1, let's kick-off voting.

AL will share proposal of voting rule in this mail loop in these
If nobody has objection, we will start to take vote. Thank you for


On 06/01/2017 09:11 PM, Hillwood Yang wrote:
Hi Sunny,

I prefer the first one. Our local team need enough time to prepare
summit. The calling for paper for Gnome.Asia Summit 2017 is
so we wanna get the final as quickly as possible, so that it could
impact the planning about considering to hold this two events


在 2017-06-01四的 11:20 +0800,Yan Sun写道:
Dear Ftake, Hillwood,

Firstly, thank you for your proposal of openSUSE.Asia Summit

We planed to announced final candidate on end of May, but we
make it, sorry for the delay. openSUSE board is confirming Asia
budget with SUSE who is the biggest sponsors.

We have two options at the moment.
1. "Asia Committee" kick off voting for the two proposals when
board is confirming sponsorship in parallel.

2. After openSUSE board gets confirmation of sponsorship, we kick

Both two options have potential risk and advantage, so I'm
this mail to have an open discussion with you, what do you think?


On 05/29/2017 09:43 PM, Fuminobu TAKEYAMA wrote:

Hi Sunny and all,

Any update about the review?
I am wondering if the result will be available on schedule (by
of May).


Fuminobu TAKEYAMA (ftake)

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