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Re: [opensuse-summit] openSUSE Summit Tickets List suggestions.
Hi All,

I got good news.

The SUSE Marketing team is giving us 100 SUSE back packs to be used as a gift
for the people who decide to contribute purchasing a ticket to help us out.

I would suggest starting the ticket price around $30,00 since the cost of the
back pack is $26 but I'm open to suggestions since this is the first
time I'm helping with openSUSE Summit.

What you think?


On 9/13/2013 at 12:21 PM, in message <523357AA.1040903@xxxxxxxx>, Robert
Schweikert <rjschwei@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

On 09/03/2013 06:39 PM, Gilson Melo wrote:
Hi All,

In regards to the openSUSE Summit Tickets List, we might consider something

similar to oSC13 we had in July.

First of all, are we going to allow partners to do some presentations? In
case yes, the following
ticket table I got from oSC13 brochure might work then.

Ticket List Suggestion

Oooops confusion.....

* GOLD Partner
Logo on welcome banner, in main and
secondary conf rooms
3 min talk time at closing
Unlimited inserts in conference bag
Up to 10 professional conference tickets
Non exclusive sponsor video display at entrance

* Silver
Logo in main and secondary conf rooms
2 min talk time at closing
Unlimited inserts in conference bag
Up to 6 professional conference tickets

* Bronze
Logo in workshop rooms
Up to 4 professional conference tickets

* Community Partner
Booth space available
free for Free/Open Source organizations

These are sponsor levels that is something different and work is on the
way to detail the sponsor stuff possibly also having combined offers
with oSC14

The basic premise is that everyone gets into the Summit for free.
However, those that want to support the event by making a "small", $50
for example, financial contribution can buy a ticket. The ticket would
need to be advertized through the SUSE shop.

In return for buying a ticket we will give those that buy one something
"special" in recognition for the support back, obviously what we give
back should cost us less than the price of the ticket ;) .

In the past we had supporter tickets for $50 and professional tickets
for $200. The prices and names are probably still OK.

Question is what "special" stuff can we give those that buy supporter
and professional tickets? Ideally we'd have stuff laying around in Provo
that we can give away and doesn't cost the project anything. If we
cannot get free stuff from SUSE marketing we need to come up with
something that is reasonably cheap to produce/purchase.

We have recently approved trademark for clothing, maybe there is an
avenue there to get something near cost.

In summary, see what you can get out of the Marketing folks to include
as a token of recognition for ticket buyers or checkout stuff that is
reasonable quality but also reasonable in price.

Also a professional ticket could be 5 supporter ticktes for example.

HTH, thanks,

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