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Re: [opensuse-summit] announcing Es translation of site [Panama and other Newspapers Links]
On Friday, April 20, 2012 05:12:12 PM Bryen M Yunashko wrote:
On Fri, 2012-04-20 at 16:54 -0500, Ricardo Chung wrote:

All FOSS magazines I know come from other countries ( Mostly English
UK, US, AU: Linux Journal, Linux Magazine, Linux User , Linux Pro,
Format, ),
* Linux Magazine -
* Linux Journal -
* Linux World -
* Linux Today PR -
* Linux For You -
* Linux Mag -
* Linux Format -
* Linux User and Developer -
* Red Hat Magazine -
* Full Circle Magazine -

There are some magazines specially coming from Spain (Todo Linux,
Linux +)


*Linux Magazine:
*Todo Linux:


Thank you Ricardo, this is *VERY* helpful and I'm sure Jos appreciates
this awesome list that he'll be able to reference and add to his cache
of press contacts for openSUSE.

New question: Since you mention that most of these publications are
external from Central America, I am curious what do most people in the
Central America FOSS community rely on to follow news about events? Are
there major non-"non-official-media" bloggers that people follow? Is
there anyone we can contact to ask them to publish our information on
their blogs?

I am not able to answer it. My recent experience with Central America don't
let me talk about it. I know there is irc channel #slca (Software Libre Centro
America) most people communicate each other. Let ask some people like
tian2992, konelix, itxshell, etc...) Sure they know better than me.

Also, what about social media sites? I know there is a openSUSE
Honduras facebook page created by itxshell. And Sebastian showed me a
GoSH (openSUSE Guatemala users group) website a long time ago. Let's
figure out those as well and ask them to promote/publish our
announcements as well.

I can post it on openSUSE en EspaƱol (Facebook) and openSUSE Panama Users
Group (Facebook), and making an invitation to some groups from Colombia like
Fundacion Casa del Bosque (FCB), and other I can remember ATM.

As you know, I am very interested in making sure our Summit is
bi-lingual so that we can join the nearby communities in US and Latin
America. We need your help to continually spread the word. It is
important that we get Spanish-speakers to submit CfP's or we won't
actually have bi-lingual event. So we're counting on you guys to be our
Spanish-language marketeers! :-)

I am supporting the idea and posting as much as I can to spread the word

Again, many thanks so far to all of you for your great work!

Welcome as always I do. :-D


Ricardo Chung | Panama
Linux Ambassador
openSUSE Projects
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