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[opensuse-storage] legacy strategy and other things
Hi Ancor,

[ ]

working on the legacy strategy I stumbled across some general (design) issues:

(1) the current 'refinement' using Modules does not work and is somewhat
clumsy; is there anything against extending the libstorage-ng classes
directly (like I did in storage/refinements.rb? - and (1a) dump the
refinements directory entirely?

(2) the internal structure of yast-storage-ng is a nightmare - can we do
something about it? always having to require a bunch of sub-classes is
pointless; ruby ends up including basically all of them anyway; see
boot_requirements_strategies/base.rb for what I mean. As always all
strategies are included anyway, we can bundle the requires in the base
class. Or is this so un-ruby?

(3) we require 'yast' just for the logger in different places; can we stuff
this into a single place and include our own (wrapper) logger instead?

(4) what will an external user of storage-ng 'require'?


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