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Re: [softwaremgmt] Our software store
  • From: Frank Karlitschek <karlitschek@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 2 Nov 2010 16:24:10 +0100
  • Message-id: <F1F267F2-F8C4-4988-B700-7F697BEB6C53@xxxxxxx>

yes. We don´t have an website for this project yet. :-)

But I indeed suggest to use the OCS API and one of the existing client for
MeeGo will use the same system in the next release and others are also
So this could be a nice area of collaboration between different distributions.
It´s also good for
openSUSE because most of the AppStore system already exists.
It shouldn´t be a problem to launch it for 11.4

Open TODOs

- Do a meeting with people from other distributions to try to convince
everybody to use the same API. This would be good for the complete Linux
- Find a name for the openSUSE AppStore client. Something like "AppStore",
"SoftwareCenter", SoftwareInstaller, ..
- Create an icon for the client.
- Take the existing GHNS client and convert it into a standalone Desktop
client. (very easy)
- Find a domainname for the website ( or, ...)
- Decision how the applications are maintained. (scanning of a existing
repository and extracting metadata or user generated entries with ratings, ...)
- Do the backend (Frank)
- more I forgot :-)

I plan to do a proof of concept in the next few days.

We could finalize everything during a 2-3 days developer meeting.

What do you think?


On 02.11.2010, at 14:47, Jiri Srain wrote:

There was a keynote at the openSUSE conference on Saturday which was held by
Frank Karlitschek. He talked about the Praetzel project, which includes,
other parts, an app-store and has currently ready three clients.

I tried to find the project and fialed - perhaps because I did not get the
name correctly, as it is a word in the Bavarian dialect. As it is supported
for MeeGo, which uses in genral the same update stack as openSUSE, it could
on option to use it at openSUSE.


On Tuesday 02 November 2010 11:19:18 Duncan Mac-Vicar P. wrote:
Following up with the discussions that took place in the openSUSE
conference, I would like to kick off a discussion that has as an
objective to come up with a step-by-step plan on how to

- Make it ridiculously easy for the users to find & install the
ridiculously good software

This has various possible technical solutions. But the output has to be:

- a "place" where the user can click and see the available cool software
(ie: Chromium" not ie: libhenne-devel) with screenshots, ratings, comments

- The user should not care about repositories and their combination
requisites, or strange signature dialogs

- Other pieces in the distro need to be integrated, or at least it would
be nice to, for example we ship KPackageKit which is a lovely app if you
show a bunch of apps separated by groups, but gets completely unusable
if you show 2135 packages with strange names in one category in a simple
list-view. Other pieces don't, like zypper, YaST2 which are mean to be
used as package managers.

- Whatever new opportunities we are able to get done in the process. For
example, Frank's project bretzel has components that fit int he
backoffice, aiming for a one click publishing of software from the
developer's side (using adrian's _service's) which fits ridiculously
great in our build service story.



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Frank Karlitschek

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