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Re: [softwaremgmt] zypper-0.12.7 update/list-updates now defaults to --type package
  • From: Susanne Oberhauser <froh@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 02 Oct 2008 16:53:07 +0200
  • Message-id: <s2iy717jbfw.fsf@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

now I'm getting your point and why we are discussing:

You are telling me how _we_, SUSE, are using patches today.

I am talking about how we evaluated our partners to possibly use

In the past, we've had crazy ideas how to use patches to enable
different systems that need different driver versions from one single
repository. For example, if you had one common repository for acme
corp and their hardware, there could be an acme-cool-box and an
acme-laptop, and they'd need different versions of a foofoo KMP, like

Patch 1
Name: acme-cool-box
Version: 1 # maybe the name/version works different for patches,
# but conceptually this has to exist.
Supplements: modalias(kernel-$FLAVOR:pci:...)
Requires: foofoo-KMP = 47.11

Patch 3:
Name: acme-laptop
Version: 1
Supplements: modalias(kernel-$FLAVOR:pci:...)
Requires: foofoo-KMP = 47.13

And if ever an update is needed later for acme-cool-box:

Patch 2
Name: acme-cool-box
Version: 2
Supplements: modalias(kernel-$FLAVOR:pci:...)
Requires: foofoo-KMP = 47.15

nota bene: the laptop won't get the update, and this is intentional!

Nobody has ever done this, as a) libzypp didn't handle it yet when we
decided hwo to implement driver kits and b) we felt individual repos
for the acme box easyer to maintain than the above.

So nobody has ever done this, so far, and the plan is to stay with
seperate repos for different products.

What I'm getting from your helpfull comments is that nobody has ever
intended patches to be used like this. From the discussion I'm also
understanding that all kinds of weird stuff may happen if someone
actually tries this, as libzypp may make assumptions that the above is
never done.

So thx again for your explanations, they helped to understand which
route to go ;)


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