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Re: [softwaremgmt] zypper-0.12.7 update/list-updates now defaults to --type package
  • From: Duncan Mac-Vicar Prett <dmacvicar@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 01 Oct 2008 17:16:56 +0200
  • Message-id: <48E39468.6020906@xxxxxxx>
Susanne Oberhauser wrote:
Duncan Mac-Vicar Prett <dmacvicar@xxxxxxx> writes:

A patch can trigger the installation of a pacakge that wasn't on
your system before, can't it?
Sometimes the newest package is not good for everybody, and patches
allow you to be selective on when to update a package and when not to
update it.


Patch just conflict with the last version with the problem, so selecting the "patch" it will select the latest version
of the packages (from the same vendor).

If you are selecting an specific version of a package, then you are not operating over patches anymore.

Also, making a patch require an exact version of the package would have no sense for a dependency solver, as then updating to a newer version of the package would break the patch, unless a new patch obsoletes it, which would be quite a lot of work and confusion.
For example, when it comes to drivers, patches can allow you to select
specific package versions for specific hardware versions, using the
modalias, while the packages overclaim they were good for everything.
Also no.

Patches did not had different packages for different hardware. It is the solver that selects the packages based on the modalias. modalias has nothing to do with patches.

Basically I think the package update is best for those repos that do
not provide patches.
Technically, unless you select a patch manually, a full system "update" is no real difference between packages and patches since patches are not installed. The result of applying all patches has to be the same as the result of updating all packages. As I said, it is just a different view.
So why did I ask wether they can be done both at the same time?
Again, it is no difference.
To update all packages and to also get all additional changes that are
triggered by the patches.

Those changes are zero AFAIK now. Scripts could had been a reason, but now scripts are in packages too...
However the most important thing to me is to tell in repos.d/*.conf
wether to do package or patch updates per default on this or that
repo, I have use cases for that. The other one (patches and packages
in one run) to me is less important.
Again, it is just a different view on the system. The content is the same.


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