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Re: [opensuse-security] yup repositories for SLE 12?
Marcus Meissner wrote

On Mon, Nov 17, 2014 at 01:14:26PM +0100, Frank Steiner wrote:
Frank Steiner wrote

Could that be because the credentials from /etc/credentials.d/NCCcredentials
are not valid for SCC? I don't have SCCcredentials, likely I had to run
suseRegister again on a SLE 12 system to get them....
Yes, that worked. I quickly setup a SLES 12 in a VirtualBox and got
the SCCcredentials. Using them I can now access and download the
SLES 12 updates even from a SLE 11 SP3 server. To download
SDK and SLED, too, they must be added as add-on products once.
Their credentials are the same as the SLES ones, so yup will indeed
work with only one user/pass string, but the different products must be
"connected" with these credentials by registering them once.

Just for the records: I failed to access SLED updates because I could not
add SLED as add-on product to SLES (not that it would make much sense,
just for registering them together with one set of credentials... But I
could not find a URL to add for SLED updates that would ask me for the
registration code...). So I installed SLED on its own and got different
credentials. I could add SDK to this set, too.

I will just add some code from the old yup to read the values from config
files and everything is fine :-)

I have not yet reverse engineered SMT (which you could still just use btw).

I tried to find the mentioned smt 2.0.7 for SLE 11, but searching
on I get only an iso images for a 1.x version from 2013,
so I couldn't check the migration ability. When SLE 12 is running, I
will definitely take a look at it. However, yup perfectly allows for
adjusting to our own needs: always keep only the newest rpm versions,
not fetching patch.rpm etc. is really easy to adjust with changing some
lines of code :-)

Thanks again for all your help!

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