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Re: [opensuse-security] yup repositories for SLE 12?
On Fri, Nov 14, 2014 at 02:07:53PM +0100, Frank Steiner wrote:
Hi Marcus,

Marcus Meissner wrote

Is there a way to mirror from the SCC, too?

SMT has been updated to be able to do so.

yes, I've found a document about this, thanks!

(I have so far no plans to update yup, but patches are welcome. Perhaps
I can find the time at some point in the future.)

I've adjusted yup myself after the last version you created
in your home repository for SLE 11, to reflect SP2/3 etc. So all I need
to make it work for SLE 12 are the new URLs instead of the old$RCE/... ones. Are they defined somewhere?

I'd like to stay with yup because it's perfectly scriptable for our needs
(like e.g. not fetching patch.rpms etc.). SMT would only be the "fallback"...

While there are new urls and the scheme is kind of easy to see, the
method changed.


where TOKEN is a very long hexstring.

The TOKEN is got via queries to
(not sure what 1106 means) for the server.

On a installed system, the credentials needed to access above (basic-auth) are
this has username (SCC_hexstring) and password (hexstring)

curl -u SCC_hexstring:hexstring

the returned repoindex XML refers to above urls for starters.
alias="SLES12-Updates" name="SLES12-Updates" autorefresh="true" enabled="true"
alias="SLES12-Debuginfo-Updates" name="SLES12-Debuginfo-Updates"
autorefresh="true" enabled="false" distro_target="sle-12-x86_64"/>
alias="SLES12-Pool" name="SLES12-Pool" autorefresh="false" enabled="true"
alias="SLES12-Debuginfo-Pool" name="SLES12-Debuginfo-Pool" autorefresh="false"
enabled="false" distro_target="sle-12-x86_64"/>

Ciao, Marcus
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