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[opensuse-security] apache2 -DFOREGROUND blocks access to Unix Domain socket

Sorry, I'm pretty new to systemd issues.

I have a FastCGI process invoked by Apache's mod_fcgid which runs just fine
since years. It opens a LDAPI (LDAP over IPC) connection which also used to
work just fine.

But not with the startup via systemd (openSUSE 13.1). The process can open
normal LDAP connections via TCP but not to a Unix Domain Socket. Yes, I've
checked all ownership/permissions and there's no AppArmor or SELinux active.

I've tracked down this to:

When starting like this it does not work:
/usr/sbin/start_apache2 -DSYSTEMD -DFOREGROUND -k start

But leaving away -DFOREGROUND it does work:
/usr/sbin/start_apache2 -DSYSTEMD -k start

Unfortunately naively hunking out -DFOREGROUND from
/usr/lib/systemd/system/apache2.service does also not work.

Any clue? Many thanks in advance.

Ciao, Michael.

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