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Re: [opensuse-security] Using strace
* Dne Úterý 2. září 2014, 18:49:29 [CEST] pinguin74 napsal:
Just a silly question,

when you invoke "strace /usr/bin/foo", will strace actually run
/usr/bin/foo or works strace similiar to ldd?

Of course strace runs the command, otherwise it won't be able to get the
system calls the command called.

When I try "strace /usr/bin/ls" my impression was, ls actually was not run!?

ls's output just got mixed with the strace output.
ls writes to stdout, strace writes to stderr, so you can use redirection
to separate them with eg.

strace /usr/bin/ls > ls.out

Or use the -o option of strace.

Vita Cizek
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