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Re: [opensuse-security] [DE-CIX-RT #89589] AutoReply: [security-announce] SUSE-SU-2013:1182-1: important: kernel update for SLE11 SP3

@de-cix: Your ticket system is spamming the opensuse-security
mailinglist. Please stop that.
(In other words: we know where you are parking your cars ;-))

Am Freitag, 12. Juli 2013 schrieb Susan Dittmar:
Carlos E. R. schrieb:
I thought of doing what you did, but - the reply address is our mail
list; The from address would just bounce another ticket to me.

Did you succeed in getting through?

I doubt it. At least I did not get an acknoledgement from them.

I'm not sure - your mail had an interesting[tm] header:

From: "S.Dittmar@xxxxxxxxx via RT" <rt@xxxxxxxxxx>
To: opensuse-security@xxxxxxxxxxxx
CC: opensuse-security-announce@xxxxxxxxxxxx

Either you accidently changed the From: instead of the To: - or the
ticket system forwarded your mail to all involved mail addresses.

I'm sorry a copy went to the list, I *thought* I had removed its
address :-(

I'm wondering what would happen if someone[tm] sends a mail with
"opensuse-security-announce+unsubscribe@xxxxxxxxxxxx" to the ticket
system (or any other autoresponder showing up here) ... ;-)

Questions are:
- would that be an acceptable method?
- who will do it?


Christian Boltz
In Yast2-System-Editor /etc/sysconfig-Dateien in
System-Kernel-MODULES_LOADED_ON_BOOT ide-scsi eintragen.
David, bitte wegschauen... Nein David, das hast Du nicht gesehen. Es
ist alles OK, David... Ganz ruhig... :-)
[> Arne Dieckmann und Thomas Hertweck in suse-linux]

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