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Re: [suse-security] Openssh + security
>> You will also see many people recommending you change the default port
>from 22
>> to some high port number, but I'm not so sure that makes much of a
>By changing the ports on some of my producton machines, I reduced the
>incorrect login attempts in my log down from circa 8-10 000 per day to only
>as often as I mistype my RSA passphrase :)
>At least this way I can seriously view my logs with a view to noticing
>something sinister.

I´ve got the same number of incorrect login in my log... and so I´ve changed the ports, just like you,
adn the attack stopped...
And so, now I am a sada guy, with no IP´s to have some fun.. (yes, I do usually do something with who attacks me,
have even made a software to serch the logs and log all unique IP´s, and login attempts into a mysql table...)

If tou likes to have fun, let the port 22 ,if don´t like to have fun with the logged ip´s, change the port!
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