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Re: [suse-security] Re: portmap only for local interfaces
  • From: Bruno Cochofel <bruno.cochofel@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 02 Oct 2005 21:39:41 +0100
  • Message-id: <4340458D.5020002@xxxxxxxxx>
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How can I make sure tcpwrapper is in use?
Can I edit host.allow so only localhost can access? Will it give any
I don't use nfs, I've disabled it, so don't know why does portmap gets

Philippe Vogel wrote:

> Henning Hucke schrieb:
>> On Sun, 2 Oct 2005, Bruno Cochofel wrote:
>>> When I do a netstat -tlnp I find that portmap LISTEN on port
>>> 111 to all interfaces. Hist this safe? Can I change the conf so
>>> that only localhosts can connect?
>> This portmapper is tcpwrapper enabled. So please read "man 5 \
>> hosts_access".
>> Since the tcpwrapper is quite simple it is a suitable tool.
>> Nonetheless it would never be a replacement for a propper
>> firewall rule set.
>> Best regards Henning Hucke
> Portmapper is only needed for nfs, mount-daemon and quotas (correct
> this if I forgot things). So it can be disabled if it isn't
> needed!
> Setting up portmapper listening on local host only is kind'a'
> difficult (as I intended this as well for some servers).
> SuSEfirewall2 blocks this traffic as default.
> It is recommended to use a firewall if you offer unprotected
> services to the internet. If you don't have open ports a firewall
> is normally not needed. Only an open port can be hacked. Don't
> compare Redmond (TM) firewalls with linux - it's not the same. They
> want to immitate iptables with kind'a' copy-effect and put a lot a
> lot more in it and want to call this firewall (a firewall in it's
> meaning is a portblocker - no more no less)!
> If you think you get attacks each time you login:
> If you use dial-in or dsl-connections you may get packets related
> to an earlier connection from another user using the same IP you
> use. This are normally no attacks to you.
> Regards
> Philippe
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