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Re: [suse-security] Kernelupdate on SuSE 9.1 with problems
  • From: "Philippe Vogel" <filiaap@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 1 Mar 2005 20:56:43 +0100
  • Message-id: <002001c51e98$cafbf7a0$f0845b86@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Content of this advisory:
1) security vulnerability resolved:
CRAM-MD5 authentication bug
problem description

1) problem description, brief discussion

The University of Washington imap daemon can be used to access mails
remotely using the IMAP protocol.

This update fixes a logical error in the challenge response
authentication mechanism CRAM-MD5 used by UW IMAP. Due to this
mistake a remote attacker can gain access to the IMAP server as
arbitrary user.

This is tracked by the Mitre CVE ID CAN-2005-0198.

Maybe this is related to this and a new thing is broken within. Anybody with the same Problems?

Since novell is here I get strange errors after each updates and it seems for me there is not enough error-checking of updates since then.

The server (web & mailserver behind a firewall) has been rebooted after the kernel update to get changes affected on it.
Now I see something is broken within latest kernelupdate.
I get errors on FTP, imap, smtp while authentificating (strange, with samba and ssh there is no such error):

Output on FTP-Login from my ftp-client:

Status: Connecting with x.x.x.x...
Status: Connecting with x.x.x.x. Waiting for welcome message...
Answer: 220 "Welcome message."
Command: USER my_user
Answer: 331 Please specify the password.
Command: PASS *****
Answer: 500 OOPS: capset
Answer: 230 Login successful.
Error: Connection cannot be established!


I get errors that the server cannot be connected.

Once I restart the related service I don't get any errors back. I didn't check if the error occurs a second time.

Any suggestions?

Strange as well:

After update to 9.1 the loggs are too full and logrotate does not rotate them as well (any hints there as well?). Especially SuSE-Firewall-Logs.



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