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need a way to set more secure 8character passwords
** "from the bottom of my heart, off the coast of Carolina, after one
or two false starts **

Someone, apparently, hacked my email account at Bellsouth last week
sometime... We of course have no idea how, since they (Bellsouth's
alleged "Techs" ) spent all the timefrom the start, telling me it was

a) my email client that was doing the damage ( eating my email ) Of
course using their website and looking but not downloading email, they
could see it disappearing right off the server!

But I wasn't doing it.. I even shut off my computer for a night, and
my email clients are all set to only download email when the fetch
button it clicked, That way it has no chance of interfering w/ info
from Celaria or similar... No lockups or anything else..

Tonight we finally reached a person who had a clue. And he told me my
account had been hacked, they even watched someone accessing the email,
and further attempting to access it after we changed the password.
Unfortunatly they only allow and 8 character pwd.. so it wont take
someone very long to get into it again.. esp if they are using a linux
computer.. but the whole episode has the smell of a windows kiddie
playing w/ toys the power of which he has not the slightest clue.

I figure he wont bother trying to hack my email again as he never did
manage to get anything interesting.. most of my emails are to and from
Suse lists <G> But since I couldn't get any email at all I was unable
to unsub..

I seem to recall discussion about a program or paper or something
about nonsense passwords that could be remembered ... google has let me
down today. I couldn't find the article I'm looking for. If anyone
remembers reading such a thing please let me know , send an url if
there is one...

If anyone has a suggestion for making an 8 character password that is
reasonably safe or hard to guess w/o being too hard for me to remember
, I welcome such suggestions.

Now that we finally have confirmation that Bellsouth was the culprit, I
shall finish my transformation to all 9.2 boxes... hehehe

Since they kept insisting it was not them but my computers that were
causing the problems we stopped the installs.. to be certain .

why is it that Windows admins refuse to accept they are the problem, or
at least the problem is at their end??It shouldn't have taken over a
week to ferret out the culprit. Anyone who looked at the accounts inbox
could see email arriving and being deleted. Removed from the server
while on the phone w/ me .. And they could watch email that was there
just disappearing from the servers... but still they insisted I was
doing it. ( so why was I talking to them on the phone ??? The logic
escapes me)

I can't wait to have 9.2 on this box it's really smooth even for
something old and underpowered, once you get past the ncurses
install... and as speedy as an old celery can be.. And this is a pretty
quick athlon w scsi drives etc. so it should be loverly..

TIA to any and all who attempt to help , I wish you happiness.. and
offer extra good karma points to anyone who has an idea.

nemo me impune lacessit

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